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History of US_OMEN


US-OMEN stands for United States Organization for Medical and Educational Needs. US-OMEN is dedicated to administering aid, both medical and educational, to needy people throughout the world. US-OMEN works to carry on its humanitarian endeavors throughout the world. A legally constituted non-profit organization, US-OMEN is chartered under the laws of the State of California.

US-OMEN was first organized to promote the building of a nursing home in the Middle East. As the well-meaning project began to materialize, critical problems dealing with hu­man lives were discovered, prompting immediate appraisal of the organization’s potential aims. Immediately, an expanded program of operation was approved and put into effect, geared to extending a humanitarian hand of friendship wherever and whenever needed. Thus, US-OMEN as we know it today, was formed.

In 1961, the organization was founded, and the first chapter was formed in Los Angeles. Soon after, the chapter in San Francisco was chartered, followed by the South Bay Chapter and the Sacramento Chapter. US-OMEN has been fortunate in the caliber of its officers and directors—a volunteer group of men and women who donate their time, efforts, and money for the welfare of the destitute.

US- OMEN is a co-founder of ANERA, a non-profit charitable organization which seeks to increase total assistance in cash and kind from American sources to Palestinian Arab refu­gees and other needy individuals in the Arab World; to be responsive in crises affecting civilian populations in the area, particularly displacement and casualties caused by war; and to increase American understanding of the Palestinian refugee problem.

Another organization that works closely with US- OMEN is the Direct Relief Foundation, which supplies Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies that can be shipped by US-OMEN to the needy recipients throughout the Middle East. Donations are used to cover the costs of processing, export packing, transportation to port of departure, insurance, wharf age and incidentals, plus ocean freight.

US-OMEN has been fortunate to receive the support of institutions like these who help make many of our programs possible without a lengthy delay. Like all organizations admin­istering to others des-perately in need of help, operating funds are essential. US-OMEN has maintained its vast, far flung operations through donations and gifts from compassion­ate persons with a sincere desire to help. US-OMEN has supplemented these gifts and do­nations with activities of its own designed to “keep the cup full”.

HOWEVER, the price of compassion is high and donations and funds are needed. Donor gifts to US-OMEN prove you do care…

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